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Poker, in general is about playing people, not cards. Online poker is nothing but a traditional card game being played over the internet with opponents who might be in the same room or across the continent. Compared to the live game online is more easily accessible. You don’t need to go to a casino or any place in particular to play it. You can play from home or anyplace that you are at. Online poker is quite different when compared to the live environment, though you play with people you know but are not physically in the same room, because when playing live you get to see the expressions or some hints about the opponent if they are not very good at hiding their excitement or frustration. So, even a highly skilled and professional live poker online player can fall prey when playing online.

What every novice player must know

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For novices its better if they pay attention to their cards initially and once they get used to the online scenario, then they can try to understand the opponents play as well as the betting amount can go higher. In online poker it’s a big drawback that you don’t get to play with the same people always so as to try and analyse their pattern. So, don’t expect to lose but be prepared for it, as it is an inconsistent game and also luck sometimes. But you always have the option to start off with a very small amount or play free games to get an understanding of the layout. There are different types of poker games available in the casinos online; the most common one being the 5 or 7 card ones. Like it was mentioned above, begin by betting smaller amounts. Though experienced or a pro in the live, it’s always better to start low and then move on to higher stakes once a person gets used to the particular online casino.

Customer support: A good customer care is essential if you have any problems in the poker room whether it is with tables or payments etc. because you will definitely want to talk to a person in such situations.


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